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The Évora Cathedral

“The Cathedral of Évora is the largest medieval cathedral in the country (…) built between 1186 and the first years of the XIII century. 
The main portal built in the beginning of the XIV century, is one of the most impressive Portuguese gothic portals. The apostles are by Master Pêro, the most important name of the Portuguese gothic sculpture of the XIV century.  

The present high altar was completely renovated in the reign of King João V. This project was awarded to João Frederico Ludovice. It started as being Romanic, and then went to Gothic and Manueline, then to Baroque, including a Rococo altar piece made out of Estremoz marble, by artists as important as Vieira Lusitano and Masucci.  

Recently, a protocol celebrated between IPPAR and the Archdiocese of Évora allowed a Program of rehabilitation and appraisal (…) with particular emphasis on the main altar and cloister, as well as several initiatives for a better reception of the public.” 

Source: Site DGPC – Direção Geral do Património Cultural 






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