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Saint Francis Church

“The construction of the St.  Francis convent in Évora dates back to the XVIII century (…) 

The present church is from the XV century, more precisely from the reign of King Afonso V (…), the construction being very slow and only completed in the 70’s.  

In the beginning of the XVI century, some materials of the primitive gothic construction were used. The architects were pretty well known, such as Afonso Pallos, a man from Andalucía who worked in the Seville cathedral, as well as Martim Lourenço, an army architect involved in the construction of the Évora Royal Palace. 

Some of the most renowned artists of the country worked in the construction of the Convent, namely  painter Francisco Henriques, famous for its altar pieces.  Diogo de Arruda and Diogo de Torralva were also present with their architectural designs, as well as Nicolau de Chanterenne, Olivier de Gand and Garcia Fernandes with several sculptures and paintings.” 

Source: Site DGPC – Direção Geral do Património Cultural 





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