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Public Garden (Fake Ruins)

Here we can find several monuments of cultural interest, such as the remains of the Medieval City Wall (XIV century), the Palace of King D. Manuel (XVI century), and the Fake Ruins (XIX century). Also remarkable is the bandstand of the XIX century, another revival item related to modern times due to the numerous concerts to take place there for decades.  

The “fake ruins” (…) were built with architectural materials of various monuments from all over the city, mainly with remains of twin windows of the manueline-mudejar style. They are part of a tower and medieval wall, and are located near the Palace of King D. Manuel.   

Usually these “ruins” served as a promenade to the big peacocks that inhabit the area.  

The Évora Public Garden was built between 1863 and 1867, as an initiative of the municipality. Prior to this, the grounds were used as the royal vegetable garden of D. Manuel Palace and the St. Francis Convent.  

Source: Site VisitÉ – Guia de Viagem 





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