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Giraldo Square

“In Évora, all streets lead to Giraldo Square. It has always been that way since its construction in 1571/1573. 

The Giraldo Square is an icon honoring the memory of Geraldo Geraldes, The Fearless, who conquered Évora to the Moors in 1167. 

It was considered a National Monument in 1910, with its superb Portuguese cobblestone pavement.  

As soon as the city of Évora was in  possession of the Portuguese crown, all sculptures and one arch of triumph were destroyed in order to build the fountain which is now the focus of all the inhabitants and tourists of Évora in the Giraldo Square.   

This Baroque fountain is made of marble and has 8 waterspouts, each associated to the 8 main streets leading to the Giraldo Square.”  

Source: Site VisitÉ – Guia de Viagem 





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