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Points of Interest

  • Public Library

    The Évora Public Library is a majestic building in the highest part of town, as well as other important monuments. 

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  • Évora Museum

    The Évora Museum (…) was renovated in 2009. It was first inaugurated in 1915, showing an exhibition of several pieces pertaining to the Public Library Director

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  • Fountain of the Moor Gate

    The Fountain of the Moor Gate is inserted in the urban renovation process planned by Cardinal D. Henrique while he was the Archbishop of Évora.

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  • Fountain of the Avis Gate

    The Fountain of the Gate of Avis, originally located at the New Gate Square, has been built following the will of Cardinal D. Henrique, sometime after 1573.  

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  • Roman Baths

    The Roman Baths in Évora were built between the II and III centuries. They were discovered by the end of 1987, during the archaeological excavation in the old part of the City Hall building. (…).  

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  • Coach Museum

    The Coach Museum brings us to the XVIII and XIX centuries, when this means of transportation served the city of Évora and the rest of the world.

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  • The Cultural Center and the Eugénio de Almeida Foundation

    O Fórum Eugénio de Almeida é um espaço renovado destinado às artes e à cultura. Abriu em julho de 2013, depois duma remodelação total do antigo Palácio da Inquisição. 

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  • Évora Palace of King D. Manuel

    The Palace of King D. Manuel is stilll one of the most beautiful buildings of the city of Évora. This monument is inside the Évora Public Garden (…) built by D. Afonso V circa 1486.

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  • Public Garden (Fake Ruins)

    Here we can find several monuments of cultural interest, such as the remains of the Medieval City Wall (XIV century), the Palace of King D. Manuel (XVI century), and the Fake Ruins (XIX century). 

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  • Photographic Archive

    The Évora City Hall has an important photography collection gathered along 20 years, representing the last years of local history, not to mention photographs by some of the best Évora artists obtained during the last 6 years.   

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  • Cathedral Museum of Religious Art

    In spite of its inauguration in 2009, part of this collection was open to the public decades ago in one of the upper galleries of the cathedral treasure room.

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  • Museum of the Cadaval Palace and S. João Evangelista Church

    The Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval  (XIV century) stands partially on the City Wall, most  particularly the Tower of the Five Shields. Besides the Garden, the exhibition room and part of the Palace are also available to the public.

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Points of Interest

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