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Megalithic Évora

Did you know that Évora, a city classified by Unesco as World Heritage since 1986, was founded by the romans in the I century BC, during the reign of Emperor Augustus? We want to go back even further, 7000 years backwards, in a voyage to the Neolitic,  where you will meet the largest and most ancient monument of the Iberian Peninsula. 

•    1 night stay in a double CLASSIC room, breakfast included;
•    Guided tour to the megalithic enclosure of Cromeleque dos Almendres, to the Menir dos Almendres and to the Anta do Zambujeiro;

M'AR De AR Muralhas - Timeless Charm Hotel

Price per night in double room: € 135.00
Price per night in a single room: € 95.00
Supplement for triple room : € 55.00 (adult)
Supplement for triple room: € 27.50 (children up to 16 years old)

M'AR De AR Aqueduto - Historic Design Hotel & Spa

Price per night in double room:  €170,00
Price per night in a single room: €130,00
Supplement for triple room: €70,00 (adult)
Supplement for triple room: €35,00 (children up to 16 years old)

Offer valid up to May 31, 2017

Visit time is three hours and is carried out by the Archeologist Mário Carvalho.

Transportation is included.

Visit hours:

Monday through Friday  – 10:00AM to 01:00 PM / 02:30 PM to 05:30 PM


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