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Museum of the Cadaval Palace and S. João Evangelista Church

“The Palace of the Dukes of Cadaval  (XIV century) stands partially on the City Wall, most  particularly the Tower of the Five Shields. Besides the Garden, the exhibition room and part of the Palace are also available to the public.  The museum collection has ancient paintings, old pieces of furniture, manuscripts, a collection of illuminated codex, armory and sculptures… as well as the large kitchen which is a must see.  

The small Lóios church (S. João Evangelista church) is located in the family estate, and has been used for centuries as its pantheon. The Manueline style entrance overviews the Roman Temple and this is indeed one of the most beautiful churches in Évora. The beauty of the tiles with its blue color standing out of the white walls is breathtaking. And so are the main altar, the vestry room, the Chapterhouse and so many other magnificent details.” 

Source: Site VisitÉ – Guia de Viagem 





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