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Monte Selvagem (Wild Moutn)

“In the town of Lavre, in the county of Montemor-o-Novo, district of Évora, the Animal Reserve called   Monte Selvagem is an area of 20 ha combining a biodiversity reserve, a leisure park and a pedagogic project.   

The private park, inaugurated on May 8, 2004, hosts 60 species of a total of 350 animals. It is open to the public 9 months a year, from February through October.   

Its mission is to offer alternative habitats to different animals, as well as to promote the contact of people with Nature, protect it, maintain it and educate people regarding its sustainability.  

Through an educational, recreational and interactive bond, there is a strong relationship with the public, and you can enjoy unique moments very close to Nature.  

The dream of a courageous family together with the hard work of a dedicated and multi qualified team made Monte Selvagem one of the most searched tourist destinations of the region.” 

Source: Site Monte Selvagem 





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