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Medieval town of Monsaraz

“The town of Monsaraz, surrounded by a medieval Wall, stands on a rocky cliff overlooking the vast plain of the Guadiana valley …  

Occupied by the Christians after the conquest of Évora by Geraldo the Fearless, Monsaraz was donated to the Order of the Templars. After the extinction of the Order, the town was donated to the Order of Christ, its natural successor in national territory.  

The Monsaraz fortress is formed by the castle, by a long urban enclosure built on its Northern side and by the defensive perimeter of the XVII century, which reinforces the external part of the medieval wall.  

The castle (…) was built with regional irregular granite and schist stones. The pentagonal enclosure (…) has its edges reinforced by quadrangular solid towers.  

In the central position (…) we can see the pentagonal homage tower. It was built during the reign of King D. Dinis, and has a noble reception hall (…) known as the Wizard Tower. Remains of a Manueline structure are stilll to be seen, with cross-shaped loopholes, presumably built during the reformation campaign of the border castles by Francisco Arruda, in the first half of the XVI century.  

The access to town was made possible through four still operative gates. 

Source: Site Câmara Municipal de Reguengos de Monsaraz 





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