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Cromlech of Almendres

“Archaeological site with several megalithic structures: cromlech, menhir and stones, belonging to the so called first “Évora megalithic universe”. 
This cromlech was discovered in 1964 by the investigator Henrique Leonor Pina, when doing a survey for the Geological Map of Portugal.  

Covering a wide chronological age, from the Medium Neolithic to the Iron Age – i.e., from the end of the 6th Millennium to the 3rd a.c. – this site presents among other elements an irregular circular cromlech with 95 granite monoliths.  

We are talking about a cultural site with a heavy magic and symbolic charge, which shows an example of the reutilization of the same sacred place throughout time. It also reflects the economic, social and ideological changes that occurred along that huge lapse of time. This cromlech is considered the largest group of structured menhirs of the Iberian Peninsula, and one of the most relevant of the European megalithic age.” 

Source: Site DGPC – Direção Geral do Património Cultural 





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